Rumore Cinematic Impacts (Free Sample Pack)

Rumore Cinematic Impacts is a free collection of impact sound effects for modern film scoring and electronic music production, created by Alessandro Alcinesio aka HAL9K. This is the first release in what will most likely become a collection of Rumore sample libraries by HAL9K (by the way, rumore is the Italian word for noise).

The library contains 50 high quality cinematic impacts with long release tails, ranging from classic sonic booms to eerie horror noises and weird sound effects. Alessandro has done a fantastic job with Rumore Cinematic Impacts, managing to create an incredibly diverse sample collection while maintaining the same level of production quality with all included sounds.

More projects by Alessandro can be found on his SoundCloud and YouTube channels, as well as his Facebook page which features all the latest updates about his sound design endeavors. I was interested in hearing more about HAL9K’s sound design process and his background as a sound designer, so we’ve also made a short interview which you can read below. Enjoy the interview and scroll all the way down the page to grab the free samples!

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HAL9K Interview

99Sounds: Hi Alessandro! First of all, thanks for publishing this exciting sample library on 99Sounds! Could you tell us a bit more about your workflow when designing this kind of sound effects?

HAL9k: Sure, what I usually do for making the impact sounds is combining elements from normal musical instruments (like percussion instruments, pianos, guitars and others), industrial and atonal elements (metal hits, wood hits etc.), synthesized elements (especially basses) and sometimes nasty noises made with noise generators (like Skrewell for Native Instruments Reaktor). In the process I then use many different plugins, most of them free, like Boscomac’s ones, to which I am deeply devoted and I thank you for making me discover this guy through Bedroom Producers Blog.

99Sounds: I’d also like to hear a bit more about your background as a musician. What made you become a sound designer and do you have any other projects you’d like to share with us?

HAL9k: I started as a guitarist in middle school, taking lessons first at a recreational level, then professionally, after which I achieved a 6 years diploma in jazz/blues/rock electric guitar improvisation. In the mean time I started playing in a jazz/fusion trio but soon after I switched to my main past project, “Eva!” (yes, with the “!”).

Eva was a multi-artistic project, really ambitious, founded by me and Dany Leanza (a designer from my town – not sound designer btw, just designer :D). The center of the Eva project was to tell the story of this fictional character, Eva, using various media, like music, theater, painting and other visual arts. We brought this concert/theater act/event in almost every region of Italy and we’ve also won some musical/art contests.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the economical power to carry on with this project, which I still think was a great idea, really ambitious and a bit naive maybe (we were young and inexperienced). But that was my first experience in composing music for media. After that, I composed for a couple of theater acts/concert that toured in minor Italian theaters and mainly for short movies.

The holophonic sound design experiment DAYDREAM was done right after the end of the Eva project with the same guy, Dany Leanza, who in the meantime switched from design to videomaking, with the same experimental feeling that was pushing Eva on. With that we tried to completely tell a story using just sounds, using the 3D virtual illusion given by the holophonic sounds. Afterwards I was hired by the 3D artist Johannes Mattson for SPACEMAN, my second holophonic project. After that, I started working as a freelance composer an sound designer for short movies and other media.

99Sounds: Sounds great! I wish I could have seen the “Eva!” act live. Could you recommend us any specific project of yours which is available online?

HAL9K: Sure, you could take a look at the DAYDREAM sound design experiment mentioned above. It’s available on my YouTube channel. Using your headphones for listening is highly recommended!

Technical Details

Rumore Cinematic Impacts contains 50 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format. The download size is 185 MB, occupying 240 MB of hard drive space when extracted. The included samples are clearly labeled, for easy browsing.

All included sounds have been edited, normalized and trimmed by Alessandro Alcinesio (artist name HAL9K), who is also the author of this free sample collection.


All the sounds included in Rumore Cinematic Impacts have been crafted by HAL9K. These samples are the property of Alessandro Alcinesio aka HAL9K and hosted on 99Sounds with his permission.

You are hereby granted a licence to use these samples for both non-commercial and commercial purposes, provided that the samples are not used as part of another sample library or a virtual instrument. By downloading this free sample library, you are agreeing to the terms of use described above.

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